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Its Getting Cold in here…..

Its been a bit chilly in East London this weekend. It was BAU @ York Hall for some swimming and the odd R.A.K (Random Act of Kindness), a hard fought 2-1 Dads vs Kids football game and then over to … Continue reading

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Wonderful times at the Pountains – New Years 2011 relived

Recently been sent some beautiful pictures of our wonderful New Years at The Pountains from Maxwell:

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Power of a Mattress: Untold

Greatness stands before us. Well more sleep anyway After years of punishing the kids we’ve finally bought them humane matresses. The truth will be in the length of sleep. Traditionally either Amelie or Jarvis has woken up around 02:00-04:00am and … Continue reading


Mid January round up of sorts

Been offline for a few nights. No real reason. Winter blues I guess. Someone stole Jarvis’s bike from outside the swimming pool which was really low. (Dad didnt lock it but is nothing sacred) Jarvis’s response was “Daddy maybe a … Continue reading

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Sunday Venetian

What a perfect Sunday. Morning Lie in followed by┬áPancakes.   We checked out the Hackney BMX scene at Hackney City Farm – looks totally awesome. Think Jarvis needs a few more months getting his core skills up on his current … Continue reading

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Saturday Kids Clubs

Great Saturday at the kids clubs. Amelie went to Thames music school and then on to lunch at Grace & Honeys. Whilst Jarvis went swimming at York Hall followed by football with friends in London Fields.  

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Pancakes and Turtles

This morning it was another 5:30am start with the battle cry of breakfast..I’m Hungry So after 5 rounds of pancakes (well its still no school) it was innovative Playdoh time Today Amelie spent the day at the Acquarium with best … Continue reading

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Amelie and Jarvis’s Family Tree

In the last few months we have been lucky enough to spend time with various members of the extended family. At Gemma’s wedding we saw Peter King and he kindly sent us some photos from Nanny Carol’s family the ‘Barkers’ … Continue reading

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I don’t want a story Daddy just a hug

When its so rare its worth making a note of it A bit different from Amelie only two days old sleeping

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EllisBone is Reborn 2012

After seven years in the internet wilderness EllisBone tonight is reborn. EllisBone will become a honey pot for all things Ellis and Bone but mostly it will help document two human beings – Amelie (7) and Jarvis (4) Today has … Continue reading

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