Mid January round up of sorts

Been offline for a few nights. No real reason. Winter blues I guess.

Someone stole Jarvis’s bike from outside the swimming pool which was really low. (Dad didnt lock it but is nothing sacred)

Jarvis’s response was “Daddy maybe a man took it to give to his boy because he doesnt have a bike” – top boy.

To try and help we had some croissants!!

We had a great time at Debbie and Phils for Olivers 8th Birthday. Yummy Yummy cake.

First trip to the new Westfield Shopping Centre @ Stratford where Jarvis and I tucked into  a box of candy and watched the rip-roaring ‘Puss in Boots’

Jarvis cleverly did this with his 'mush' at the new Westfield shopping centre

Back in the fetus days the kids used to be called ‘bubs’ or ‘bubba boobas’ and they’ve had countless names in between but for some reason they are known as ‘Ammo’ and ‘Jarvo’ at the moment.

We also still had a few days with the kids not back after NY and so it was lunch @ PizzaExpress in Farringdon

Finally some tasty action at our latest East End pop-up restaurant Ombra:

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