Amelie is 18 Jarvis is 15


Amelie is just the most wonderful gift – 18 years of gratitude for having someone with the passion and spirit and unswerving drive in our house. What Amelie is doing with her studies is way beyond the comprehension of her parents. Not just that but Amelie has done so much for herself – the dedication and application deserves what comes next.

She also practices yoga daily, has become a student of healthy eating, drinks water by choice, has a daily call with her closest friends – this is dream student of the Blue Ways

Jarvis is in the same 14 becoming 15 mindset that Amelie was in. Nights are spent in the Pirate studio. Some of his childhood friends remain his closest. Seeing Jarvis move from football to rugby and be accepted so triumphantly by a new set was a real high. Need to get knee deep in some peat bogs

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