Sunday Venetian

What a perfect Sunday.

Morning Lie in followed by Pancakes.

Jarvis flipped a few (some on the floor dont tell mum)


Amelie perfect pancake tossing

We checked out the Hackney BMX scene at Hackney City Farm – looks totally awesome. Think Jarvis needs a few more months getting his core skills up on his current small bike before he hits some of those mean hills.

Amelie started the next level-up Circus skills with Iris’s older sister Izzie.

Then we all went off to Ombra (new Venetian pop-up style eaterie on Mare St) with our friends and neighbours Damian, Neela and Lottie & Orson. Food was really yummy – with words we didnt understand and places for the kids to be feral. Perfect


You cant trick em to eat Squid

Last note to wish Cousin Daniel a brilliant birthday.

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