Amelie and Jarvis’s Family Tree

In the last few months we have been lucky enough to spend time with various members of the extended family.

At Gemma’s wedding we saw Peter King and he kindly sent us some photos from Nanny Carol’s family the ‘Barkers’ including some amazing pictures of the family ‘Arthey’ whose family tree you can see below.

So for Amelie  to work this out  the first sheet of the Arthey’s tree.  ( Sarah May Arthey was your Great Grandmother who you did meet a few times and who you always made smile)   you have a ( G/MOTHER-G/G/MOTHER- G/G/G/MOTHER– & a G/G/G/G/MOTHER.)  on the Arthey’s side of your family.

Who is that handsome baby?

80s Fashion

From Bone to Barker to Arthey

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