April 1st – Oh My Days!!!!!

Sorry for the gap between posts – busy times.

Since we were last here Jarvis got ‘whacked’ at School in another of the IT playing games and ended up kissing a door handle and being taken to A&E by mum.

Next up was Sport Relief where Jarvis and I supported the BBC1 charity by running 1 mile along the MAll in glorious sunshine. Jarvis hit the mile hard in a sub-10 minute non-stop blast – very proud!

This weekend Mum is running Reading Half Marathon with Karen – we’re very proud of mum’s training – many 06:30am winter starts.

Its also the weekend of parties with both Rachael and Aidan turning 5

PS Jarvis has taken to using the phrase ‘Oh my God’ or ‘Oh my Days’ ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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